([identity profile] wrote on April 14th, 2015 at 08:26 am
Well, it was me and Google Translate, I'd say we did quite a good job, lol! I usually translate from English, Spanish or French - even Greek sometimes - but Romanian was definitely a new one! :D

Yay for you! Knew you'd make it - and I'm also happy to hear that you'll continue with Italian! Ben fatto (well done)! ♥

Yeah... California. But this morning I actually woke up thinking about moving to Scotland again, lol. I'll probably end up in Milan in the end, I just know it... XD

Exeter was... there are no words to describe it. Great? The best? Geez, just thinking about it still gives me the chills! I'm hoping for a repeat performance this summer, those old b-sides work just PERFECTLY live!

Ohhh, Munich? I actually considered going to Munich... will definitely let you know if I decide to come! Let's say there's a 90% of chance I might buy a ticket... you'll probably end up having company :P
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