([identity profile] wrote on April 11th, 2015 at 11:44 am
Hi Brigi! How are you? *hugs*
Apart from this weird feeling of general impotence, well, I'm quite good, thank you. ♥

Tbh, I've felt like this before - let's say it's some sort of cyclic thing? I've managed to escape from it in the past by basically distracting myself with other stuff (ex: going out, taking long walks, cooking etc), but it just seems like I'll have to think of something else this time. Hope you'll find your own way to fight against it! Hopefully the new Muse album will rock us both out of it! :D

As for the drawing - aw, thank you! I was just writing this scene where Matt steals popcorns from Dom's bowl and... ooops. It turned into a doodle? Haha. I'm working on it right now, still trying to get Dom's nose right... *frustration intesifies*


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