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2017-06-01 03:25 pm

Why does this happen to me.

Me: trolololol I'm gonna write a PWP, ha! YES! SMUT! You gonna get the D, MU AH AH AH!!!1111


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2017-05-30 08:36 pm

Sleeping With Ghosts (1/?)

Title: Sleeping With Ghosts
Author: [personal profile] forameus
Beta: [personal profile] matturemuser & also a big shout out to [personal profile] thekeyholder91
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: M for the moment, but will go up to E in the next chapters.
WARNINGS: none, I think?
Summary: The thing about love, Matt thinks, is that it haunts you just like a ghost.
Disclaimer: Muse not mine - sigh - this is just a work of fiction etc. etc.
Author’s note: woah, yeah, okay, it's been long since I posted the prologue. Sorry about that! At least this one's a bit longer - also, spooky time (but not too much :P).

The house is tucked away in the shady green hills of Moltrasio... )
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2017-05-08 02:22 pm

You'll stumble in my footsteps

Just a friendly reminder that is possibly one of the greatest songs ever recorded.

And now I literally cannot wait to see Depeche Mode this summer. #HYPE
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2017-05-02 12:24 am

Sleeping With Ghosts (Prologue/?)

Title: Sleeping With Ghosts
Author: [personal profile] forameus
Beta: [personal profile] matturemuser & also a big shout out to [personal profile] thekeyholder91
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: M for the moment, but will go up to E in the next chapters.
Summary: The thing about love, Matt thinks, is that it haunts you just like a ghost.
Disclaimer: Muse not mine - sigh - this is just a work of fiction etc. etc.
Author’s note: I must admit that I had a lot of doubts about posting this - but then again, I don't think there was ever a time when I was 100% sure about my writing, so this is nothing new under the sun, really. Still, I haven't done this in a looooong (help me saying "looooong") time (actually, this is the first time I try to write, not translating, something in English, so bear with me) and while I did end up with a pretty long first chapter, I feel like this is too short to even be considered a prologue. However, since it's not exactly tied to the "real" beginning of the story,  and I still felt like it had to come before it - bit like a semi-spoilery introduction, if you want - I decided to post it anyway. Also, this is my official debut on MS@DW - champagne is on me! :D

The thing about Matthew - )
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2017-04-28 02:18 am
Entry tags:

Filled with "stuff"

When you're having a bad day, feeling sad, feeling blue, worthless, useless, pushy, stupid (etc. etc.), but then you remember that this exists and gosh, I love this band so much. They never fail to make me laugh. :) ♥

*grabby hands*

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2017-04-24 08:15 pm

Istanze, Gotham, bananas

Moshi-moshi, this is Sara updating y'all about her oh-so-exciting (no) activities.

I'm still alive, although I swear that if I read the word "istanza" one more time I am going to at least throw up a little. I've been studying all day (and when I say "all day", I mean it - only took a 30 minutes lunch break, HOW SAD IS THAT) and I just totally aced the similuation test (150/150 correct answers, who-da-man), so I deserve the night off. Some dinner, too, possibly - and more writing, later, since I might be in a bit of a stall with the second chapter (already, sigh) and I know that if I don't do something about it now I'll probably have to delete everything and start all over again, ha ha.

Not so ha-ha, actually, but c'est la vie.

So my week - wait, last week, it's Monday today innit? I hate Mondays - anyhow, I've been doing this for a week (studying - simulation tests - Netflix - more studying) and let me tell you that if I don't pass the test next month I'm going to be SO PISSED. It's not that I'm afraid of failing, no - I'm fucking terrified of it, but that's a depressing thought so I'll move onto something a bit more cheerful, eh? 

It took a whole week of night-binge-watching (you know, when you're supposed to go to sleep but you turn on your xbox instead and end up on Netflix and suddenly it's 5am and the birds are chirping, the sun is rising and your cat is scratching your ankles because he wants food? Yeah, that) to finally catch up with Gotham. Happy to say that it was worth it, although I hate it that now I have to wait for new episodes every week like a common mortal. I WANT IT NOW, I NEED TO KNOW!

Funny thing is - I've always hated Batman with a passion. I just can't stand both Bruce Wayne and his broody bat-alter-ego. I've probably fallen asleep during every single Batman movie I've ever tried to watch and I've never been very interested in the Justice League universe anyway (*whispers* DC can kiss Marvel's shiny ass), but - there's a but: Gotham's take on this universe is spectacularly different from all the ones I've fallen asleep to seen before. Fresh, funny and somehow it also makes more sense than "canonverse". 

First, there's no dark hero (yay!): Bruce Wayne is just a kid (and a pretty adorable one, too - seriously, could lil Master Bruce be ANY CUTER? And Alfred - don't even get me started about Alfred, he's just the freaking best), but the real star here is detective James Gordon - who also happens to be one of the few characters I remember from the movies because, duh, Gary Fucking Oldman. We also have some new takes on the "classic" baddies, like Penguin (no Danny DeVito this time, just some disco vampire kid with serious issues - needless to say, he's one of my favourites), Edward Nygma (man, another fave), Carmine Falcone (and all the bad mafia guys with laughable Italian accents - like, some of them weren't even trying I guess) and I'm honestly confused about Barbara because I remember her being Gordon's daughter or something but *shrugs* I still like this crazy version. I'm not here to list them all because it seems like everyone in Gotham is a villain at some point, but you get it. Just go and watch this show if anti-heroes are your cup of tea. ;D

(No, they're not paying me, I just happen to get obsessed with stuff - that's when I start recommending it to anyone who's willing to listen)

Now, dinner's ready (at least I think, you never know with chicken), so I'm off to set the table because I still think it's worth the effort, even when you're eating alone. 

Just, remember - bananas are good for you.


P.S.: so so sorry about unanswered messages and comments, I've been crazy busy with the studying and everything else - I'll do my best to catch up with them asap! ♥

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2017-04-18 06:03 pm

ONTD_MUSE m-m-m-m-madness

 Hello hello hello!

After discussing about the need of a non-fanfiction community in the MuseSlash Brainstorming Post, we decided to try and resurrect ONTD_MUSE (yaasss, remember?) because... hey, we need a place to fangirl and have FUN FUN FUN!

For those who didn't know, ONTD_MUSE on LiveJournal was a basically a glittering hell-hole where you could discuss news, articles, music, biceps, sex-faces - anything really, about the band. I know that there are already places for that (Reddit, I'm looking at ya) but what we're trying to re-create is a place where we can FANGIRL and post silly stuff and just be free to be the beautiful slashy community that we are.

ONTD_MUSE stands for Oh Naw Them Dicks Oh No They Didn't @ MUSE. What is it about, you ask? Well, I wouldn't really know - let's say that it's an online community dedicated to the worship of Muse's butts from every angle and distance. No, not the Greek Muses - the band. Yeah, that very gay one. Yeah, you may want to click on the "join" button now, I get it. Anyway, what we do here is: discussing, fangirling, glittering and perving over british band Muse and their butts members (lol) a.k.a. Mark Belanus, Dominique HowHardCanItBe and Chris Wulstenzhaim, also known as Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme. Don't forget to read the rules and... well, enjoy, because we can promise on Matt's butt that this Community is all about FUN FUN FUN! :D [lie, this is a lie, IT'S ALL ABOUT THEM SWEET BUTTS INNIT?!]

So, this (ONTDMUSE <- click click!)  is all I have for the moment (basically: layout, rules + brainstorming posts) - please, check out the brainstorming post, and leave your ideas/thoughts in the comments!

I'm looking forward to see y'all there! :D
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2017-04-13 07:48 pm
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Real Life Problems

When you're supposed to be studying but instead you're writing (smut, precisely) and two pidgeons start mating on your balcony and making all these weird "prprprgluglu" noises and nothing, this scene is all about bird-sex metaphors now. Not good. Must rewrite.

In other (terrible, terrible) news, I ended up writing a hell lot more than I intended to at first (like, I just don't know what a flashback is, or what "keep it short" means, apparently) and now I have a 22 pages long "first" chapter that makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL till you reach, like, the end of it, where the only "scene" I was supposed to write ended up being located. Kinda makes me want to shout at myself WHY MUST YOU BE LIKE THIS, YOU DUMB IDIOT, WHY.

*sigh, a long-suffering one*

P.S.: wowzers, this is my first proper entry on DW and I'm already complaining about something! :D
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2017-04-03 04:04 am

Pretty in Pink (Panicpalooza Prompt Fill)

Prompter: [ profile] millionstar
Prompt: Belldom, hair dye gone wrong
Description: I seriously wanted to write this, like, I even started writing it - but then I noticed that I can't write, so I drew it instead (but then I noticed that I can't draw and - ok, I'll stop right here). Hope the prompter will like it anyway! ♥

EDIT: clickety-click for more Panicpalooza prompts! Submit or even fill a prompt, too! :D

Yes, I lied. I actually WROTE SOMETHING! HA!

P.S. Crossposting this on Thou Art Muse as well! I'm basically spamming, lol.
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2015-04-12 10:06 pm

too busy singing along to dead inside, can't think of a decent title soz - anyway, iconzz

Does anyone even care for icons anymore, lol? Anyway, I thought I'd share some with you, 'cos deep down I have a heart of gold. Kinda.

#1 #2 #3 #4
#5 #6 #7 #8
#9 #10 #11 #12
#13 #14 #15 #16

Feel free to take/use them, feedback is always appreciated, pls DO NOT REPOST THESE ICONS *sighs* and if you have any requests ask away and I'll see what I can do for you, yeah? ♥
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2015-04-07 11:31 pm

♪ Oops, I did it again - and again - and AGAIN will it ever stop srsly

Do you ever get so BORED but you're like too TIRED to do anything but at the same time you're OMG SO BORED and kind of want to do stuff but not really?
I've been feeling like this for the past few weeks, growing more and more frustrated as I noticed I wasn't able to do anything but complain about stuff I was missing out because of my laziness. Well, last week I told myself I would have finished writing a chapter of a fic I haven't updated in, like, a year and a half *sobs* and I ended up sketching a scene from it instead. I mean, it's still quite *productive* for my current mood, but it's just not the same and I really wish I'd been able to find a way to unlock this... whatever it is, and start writing again 'cos I kind of really really miss it?

Part of me thinks it's because I don't even read that much anymore. It's been more than two months since I last opened a book. I mean, what the hell. Truth is, work tires and bores and tires and BORES me so fucking much and when I come back home at night I just want to watch some telly and go to sleep. Same goes for the weekends - when I'm not sleeping I'm just sitting on a sofa with my friends, watching a movie or talking about the end of the world. Yay.

//// depression intensifies

Anyway, here's a little preview of the above mentioned sketch. Under the cut the latest update instead (I've been trying to get Dom's face right all night but you can tell I'm a Matt girl *sighs*)

dommers this way )


Hope you're all doing well! ♥
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2014-01-11 12:51 am

I love it when the cheap feels expensive toooo (no, seriously, don't ask)

.... Hello stranger, how you doin'? *wiggles eyebrows*

I'm fine / how are you / merry christmas and happy new year / how were your holidays / mine were absolutely awful / ok cool

So, all I wanted to say was that these last couple of days have been very productive and I'm having lots of fun trying to draw on my laptop without a tablet (lies, it's not fun at all - I seriously need a new one). Anyway, I've got a WIP I wanted to share 'cos I thought it was starting to look kinda cool, and you know, it doesn't happen very often - not to me at least. It's just a "portion" (har har, I wouldn't mind a bite actually...), but it does the work for now.

I am so not sorry, Matt.
this way for the slut )
This was mostly inspired by [ profile] ashamedbliss and [ profile] popocatekettle's story (if you haven't yet, then go and read Billets Doux 'cause it's just brilliant ♥), who brought to life (and words) Mathieu Bel Ami aka my latest obsession.

Oh, I forgot: I fucking hate lace corsets. And Matt Bellamy, of course (n'awww).
(Also, did I already say that I REALLY need a tablet? Drawing with a mouse is just KSfa+ln@çà#à!!!)
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2013-01-10 09:35 pm

Style icon(s).

Because Matt Fucking Bellamy, that's why.

this way to panic station )
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2012-01-19 05:44 am

When banoffee stars collide with my insomnia.

Quick update just to say that I finally decided to open that icon comm I was talking about a while ago... it has the most stupid name ever, but it's 5:36 a.m. here, and I didn't get any sleep, so I guess I'm forgiven. Or, well, at least I forgive myself - which is definitely something new, uh.
Anyway, here's the link to the Community - I already posted a few icons, but they're mostly just plain 100x100 pics, 'cause I lost all my textures and psds and stuff when my old laptop decided to die. Amen.
Let me know if you like the idea, or not, just... do as you want. I need some sleep, like, really badly.



THE REST CAN BE FOUND HERE @[ profile] banoffee_chu
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2011-05-27 08:11 pm

Icons [Muse +30]

Extremely shitty mood, so no nice talk this time.
Old Muse icons and a few new ones. As usual, feel free to snatch them, credits are love and comments make my day.


More under the cut. )
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2011-04-16 12:21 am

Guess what? ... yeah, icons. [24 Muse]

Just a few Muse icons (mostly of Dom and Dom being gay with Matt) I made yesterday.
Nothing too fancy, just a bit of colour and... yeah. A bit of colour.
Enjoy and feel free to take whatever you want. Comments are love, and credits are my stairway to Matt'sbed Heaven. <3


Dominic Howard welcomes you... )
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2011-02-27 08:40 pm
Entry tags:

Icons. Lots of. [Muse, Torchwood, David Tennant, Lily Allen]

Photoshop is back, and I have a lot of spare time. Plus, making icons puts me in a weird good mood, so...

Muse@NME awards 2011: #1 - #20
Torchwood (Ianto and Jack): #20 - #44
David Tennant: #44 - #53
Lily Allen: #53 - #62

     + 62 under ze cut )
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2011-01-20 04:15 pm

Moar Icons, pweese! {66 Muse}

As I promised, here there are some icons I made yesterday. :3
Most part of them are just colorizings, 'cause I'm not that good when it comes to textures or brushes or add some random text... plus, I like them like that. Anyway, this doesn't mean that they can be used as bases.
Ok, so... my favourite Icon Table Generator is down, and I had to try a new one... It's less colored. So grey. Booooring. ç_ç

As usual, comments are love, so pweese comment if you like/take them! :3

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic    
 Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

+ 66 under ze cut )


(OMG, I've got to change my layout too. I WANT COLORS *pop!*)