13 April 2017 @ 07:48 pm
When you're supposed to be studying but instead you're writing (smut, precisely) and two pidgeons start mating on your balcony and making all these weird "prprprgluglu" noises and nothing, this scene is all about bird-sex metaphors now. Not good. Must rewrite.

In other (terrible, terrible) news, I ended up writing a hell lot more than I intended to at first (like, I just don't know what a flashback is, or what "keep it short" means, apparently) and now I have a 22 pages long "first" chapter that makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL till you reach, like, the end of it, where the only "scene" I was supposed to write ended up being located. Kinda makes me want to shout at myself WHY MUST YOU BE LIKE THIS, YOU DUMB IDIOT, WHY.

*sigh, a long-suffering one*

P.S.: wowzers, this is my first proper entry on DW and I'm already complaining about something! :D
listening to: A Wolf At The Door - Radiohead
feeling: disappointed
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