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I'm fine / how are you / merry christmas and happy new year / how were your holidays / mine were absolutely awful / ok cool

So, all I wanted to say was that these last couple of days have been very productive and I'm having lots of fun trying to draw on my laptop without a tablet (lies, it's not fun at all - I seriously need a new one). Anyway, I've got a WIP I wanted to share 'cos I thought it was starting to look kinda cool, and you know, it doesn't happen very often - not to me at least. It's just a "portion" (har har, I wouldn't mind a bite actually...), but it does the work for now.

I am so not sorry, Matt.

This was mostly inspired by [livejournal.com profile] ashamedbliss and [livejournal.com profile] popocatekettle's story (if you haven't yet, then go and read Billets Doux 'cause it's just brilliant ♥), who brought to life (and words) Mathieu Bel Ami aka my latest obsession.

Oh, I forgot: I fucking hate lace corsets. And Matt Bellamy, of course (n'awww).
(Also, did I already say that I REALLY need a tablet? Drawing with a mouse is just KSfa+ln@çà#à!!!)
feeling: artistic
where: sofa
listening to: expensive love. because of reasons (unknown)
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